BWB Americas

FIBA - BWB Americas starts today

BUENOS AIRES (Basketball Without Borders) - The second annual Basketball without Borders Americas takes off today in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The camp, which runs from June 30-July 4, will feature 57 young basketball players, ages 19-and-under, from across South America and the Carribean who will receive instruction from NBA players and coaches, including Argentinian natives Manu Ginobili, Andres Nocioni and Carlos Delfino.

During the event, the community outreach for Basketball without Borders Americas will also feature the creation of a Reading & Learning Center, a Basketball and Books Clinic and two hospital visits to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS.

"I love all of this. I know that this has been done in several countries and continents around the world. I really wanted it to be done in Argentina, not only for the opportunity that young players will have, but for all the great social causes that this FIBA/NBA program encompasses." -- Manu Ginobili

"This is very important to any player and you really enjoy participating in this type of activity. I put myself in these children’s shoes, and remember that when I was a boy I loved to see players that were doing a great job in the leagues, for example in the Argentinean National League. I feel very proud to be participating in this." -- Andres Nocioni

"I think it not only benefits basketball in Argentina but in all of Latin America as well. The idea of uniting star players with kids from all over Latin America at a competitive level as well as on a friendship level -- to get to know the game and share experiences -- will be beneficial to everyone." -- Carlos Delfino

Camp Format

1. Players will be divided into 6 teams named the Bulls, Knicks, Pistons, Rockets, Spurs and 76ers.
2. Each team will be coached by an FIBA/ NBA player and a FIBA/ NBA coach.
3. There will be daily clinics in the morning to teach fundamentals (passing, shooting, dribbling, one-on-one moves, offense, defense, etc.)
4. Each pre-determined team will have designated time to practice their camp offense.
5. Games will be scheduled for the afternoons and evenings.
6. Individual and/or team shooting games will be incorporated into the daily schedule and be played for FIBA/ NBA prizes.
7. All participating players will be outfitted with NIKE apparel and given an NIKE gym bag containing mesh practice gear, shoes and socks.