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Sao Paolo 2007 – The fourth BWB camp to be held in the Americas took place in Sao Paolo, Brazil from July 31 – August 03 2007. The camp hosted 50 players from Central and South America aged 18 and under, as well as 12 NBA players who served at the camp as coaches. The contingent of NBA players included such names as former NBA player Sam Perkins, Phoenix Suns guard Leandro Barbosa, and Utah Jazz center Rafael Araujo.

The camp format decreed that campers be divided into 6 teams, regardless of nationality and race. Each team, coached by at least one NBA player, took part in morning clinics which focused on basketball fundamentals and a competition which took place in the afternoons and evenings. The closing day of the camp included an All-Star game and an award ceremony in which campers received awards based on their performance throughout the camp’s duration.

Campers also attended daily motivational Life-Skills seminars which covered topics such as leadership, character development, and teamwork. Beyond the confines of the camp, NBA players helped lead community outreach efforts which focused on promoting education, HIV/AIDS awareness, and grass-roots basketball development within the local communities around Sao Paolo. Events included the opening of an NBA Cares Read-to-Achieve learning center and visits made by the NBA players to local community centers.

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The 2007 camp in Sao Paolo, Brazil featured 51 players from 17 countries.


Carlos Cristaldo Paraguay
Cesar Mapeli Brazil
David Menedez Martes Puerto Rico
Esterling Guedez Venezuela
Fabian Oscar Sahdi Argentina
Gilberto CLAVELL Puerto Rico
Jonatan Machuga Argentina
Juan Fernandez Argentina
Juan Levrino Argentina
Kahlid Gerard Virgin Islands
Leandro CECCHI Argentina
Luis Madera Cirio Dominican Republic
Marcel Campos Brazil
Martin Mario Miner Argentina
Maximiliano Martin Argentina
Nathaniel BUTLER Puerto Rico
Nelson Peralta Paraguay
Nicolas Alvarez Uruguay
Pablo ORLIETTI Argentina
Rafael Luz Brazil
Rashawn Williams Virgin Islands
Sebastián URANGA Argentina
Stephen O'Reilly Virgin Islands

The 2007 camp in Sao Paolo, Brazil featured 12 players and 7 coaches from the NBA and other top leagues affiliated with FIBA.

FIBA/NBA Players

Samuel Dalembert Philadelphia 76'ers Canada
Leandro Barbosa Phoenix Suns Brazil
Nenê Denver Nuggets Brazil
Kyle Korver Philadelphia 76'ers USA
Matt Bonner Toronto Raptors USA
Marcus Vinivius Oklahoma City Hornets Brazil
James Jones Phoenix Suns USA
Shawn Marion Phoenix Suns USA
Anderson Varejao Cleveland Cavaliers Brazil
Luke Walton Los Angeles Lakers USA


Keith D'Amelio Toronto Raptors USA
Anthony Goenaga New York Knicks USA

FIBA/NBA Coaches

Herb Brown Charlotte Bobcats USA
Alex English Toronto Raptors USA
Allen Lumpkin Philadelphia 76ers USA
Don Newman San Antonio Spurs USA
Phil Weber Phoenix Suns USA
Greg Ballard Atlanta Hawks USA
Sam Perkins Former NBA player USA

Camp Director

Marin Sedlacek FIBA Instructor Serbia